Earthing Accessories



Earthing Clamps

Copper Grounding Clamps, Copper Grounding Connectors, Bronze Grounding Clamps, Bronze Clamps, Copper Clamps, Bronze Grounding Connectors, Lugs Copper, Bronze Grounding lugs.



Earthing Plates

a)   Copper Bonded Earth Sheets / Lattice Copper

High Tensile Smooth Surface Steel Sheets are molecularly bonded with pure EC Grade Copper (99.9%).

Sizes: 1.5mm, 3mm Thickness (Length and Breadth as per customer specs

b)   Copper Bonded Earth Plates / Lattice Copper
Copper Alloy
Used for forming straight through, Tee and Cross joints.
(Light, Medium, Heavy, Rectangular, Cross)
16 x 3, 19 x 3, 25 x 3, 40 x 5, 50 x 6
(Light, Medium, Heavy, Rectangular, Cross)



Earthing Accessories

Driving Heads / Studs / Tips / Dowell Pins
Made from High Tensile Steel to ensure force from power hammer.
Dowell Pins are also made from High Grade Brass.

Sizes   : 1Omm, 14mm, 5/8", 3/4" etc.
Earth Rods

a) Solid Copper Earth Rods

Copper Strips, Plates and Solid Rods are manufactured from highly conductive EC Grade Copper. They offer great resistance to corrosion. They are ideally used in applications where the salt content in the soil is very high.
Size   : 16mm - 2Omm (length as per customer specifications).

b) Swaged Earth Rods (250 Microns)

  • Plain Swaged Earth Rods.
  • Tapered Swaged Earth Rods.

c) Copper Bonded Earth Rods

They are manufactured from Structural Quality High Tensile Steel Grade 43A to BS 4360. These rods are molecularly bonded with pure EC Grade Copper (99.9%).

Earthing Galvanised Strips
       Sizes and galvanising strength then we offered as per customer's requirement.
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