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After preparation of the cable, the cable outer conductor is tighten and blocked on 360º between the cone of the connector body and the flexible rear clamp, resulting in high grade mechanical retention and a perfect electrical continuity and complete shielding. All inner contacts are captivated, thus avoiding any risk of damage during coupling of male to female connectors.

We recommend three grounding kits per feeder run. One kit is required at the top, one at the bottom of the run, (plus one at 50 meters interval wherever applicable) and one at entrance to the equipment shelter.
Grounding kits which have been specially tailored to each cable size, can be installed very easily and rapidly; once the jacket is stripped at the required dimension, one kit can be installed in less than three minutes.

Kits are provided with all hardware necessary to connect the ground wire to the tower ground bar. For
Standard Grounding Kits, the stainless steel shell ensures high resistance to corrosion and the rubber gasket guarantee an IP67 waterproofing level. The solid copper contact has been tested according to MIL STD 1757 providing high protection against lightning.

The Compact Grounding Kits have been tested and present a low contactresistance. They have been tested to withstand 6.000/Volts/150.000 Amps. The cocoon style UV resistance rubber shell once correctly installed will allow an IP 68 waterproofing index (1m/24h) with no need of any additional protection.


Grounding Bar - Shown on the left is an grounding bar of size 300mmX100mmX6mm with 24 holes of dia 10mm each. Also available is a grounding bar of size 300mmX50mmX6mm with 26 holes of dia 8mm each.

We can also manufacture a grounding bar of a different size and design as per the client's requirements.

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