Optical Cable Accessories
Cable and Patch Cord Assemblies

Cable Assemblies

Built to your specifications, Simplex/ Duplex patch cords with FC, DIN, LC, MU, MTRJ, SC, ST, D4, Biconic, SMA, E-2000 Connectors are available for either Multimode or Single mode systems. Upon request, we will colour code duplex patchcords for easier identification. Stellar patch cord represents high quality, very low loss and maximum performance. A test data sheet can be included with every order upon customer request.We can supply patchcords with your company name printed on the cables at an extra charge.

Note: Stellar patchcords are supplied with orange jacketed multimode (50/125um or 62.5/125um) fiber or yellow jacketed single mode fiber.
Cable Assemblies

A Mode Conditioning Patch cord is a duplex multimode cord that has a small length of SM fiber at the start of the transmission leg.

Mode Conditioning Patchcords are used with laser transmitters in fiber optic links to improve the transmission bandwidth.

Plastic Cable  
Plastic Optical Fiber Cables are designed for data transmission. The standard product is a 2.2mm jacket over 1.0mm step index plastic fiber. Standard colors are red and black. Other colors are available upon request.
Ribbon Fanout Assemblies  
FAN out length available in 24” or36” inches with your choice of connectors. Applications include terminating ribbon fiber to patch panels and enclosure.
Contact for custom fanout length, specifications and pricing.
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