Panel Configuration

a)  Wall Panel


b)  Ceiling Panel


c)  Inner & Outer Skin

0.5mm Off-white colour coated GI sheet

d)  Floor Panel

80mm with facing of 18mm sub-marine ply-board finish on inner side and outer side is 0.5mm colour coated  GI Sheet




In Fill PU Foam Specifications

a) PU Foam thickness 80mm
b) PU Foam Density 40 + 2  kg/m3
c) K Value 0.023 W/mK (10 deg.C mean temp.)
d) Lock One No. with 3 keys
e) Flashing 1mm colour coated GI outside & 30 x 30 x2 mm Aluminium inside
f) Permissible floor loading Upto 1.5 T/ m2





a)  Type Integrated door panel with Aluminium Profile, 100% air tight Single leaf
b)  Size 800 x 1900 mm (Min.)
c)  Inner skin / Outer skin 0.5 mm off-white colour coated GI Sheet
d)  Thickness 80mm PUF in fill
e)  Locking Mechanism Cylinder type

f)   Panel to panel locking arrangement

CAM Locks with tongue and groove arrangement

g)  Cutout Flashers for AC & ROXTEC

0.5 mm colour coated GI all inside & outside joints

h)  Accessories

Door Stopper Rod,  Door Closer

i)   Flooring

2 mm Anti Static Vinyl Flooring



a)  ISMB for base frame 200x100 mm section, galvanized 80-90 microns as per IS Standards.
b)  Cable Tray MS Powder Coated Cable Tray 400 mm wide approx 10 mts.
c)  Access Ladder Access Ladder Made of MS Angles and checkered plate treads, upto 3 treads. Painted Black
d)  Canopy A canopy above door entry of size 1200x300 mm
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